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Overview - Single Element 37mm / 1.5 inch Hollow Cathode Lamps

Photron's extensive range of 37mm or 1.5 inch Single Element Hollow Cathode Lamps (HCL) suitable for all AAS instruments including 2 Pin Uncoded (Varian, Agilent, GBC Scientific, Analytic Jena, Thermo & Unicam), 4 Pin Coded (Agilent, Varian & GBC Scientific) & 7 Pin Coded (Thermo Fisher & Unicam)


Elements P8XX Series P8XXC Series P8XXUC Series
Lamp Details 2 Pin, Coded, Cableless AAS 4 Pin, Coded Cableless Agilent / Varian / GBC 7 Pin, Coded Cableless Thermo Fisher / Unicam
Aluminium P801 P801C P801UC
Antimony P802 P802C P802UC
Arsenic P803 P803C P803UC
Barium P804 P804C P804UC
Beryllium P805 P805C P805UC
Bismuth P806 P806C P806UC
Boron P807 P807C P807UC
Cadmium P808 P808C P808UC
Calcium P809 P809C P809UC
Cesium P810 P810C P810UC
Cerium P811 P811C P811UC
Chromium P812 P812C P812UC
Cobalt P813 P813C P813UC
Copper P814 P814C P814UC
Dysprosium P815 P815C P815UC
Erbium P816 P816C P816UC
Europium P817 P817C P817UC
Gadolinium P818 P818C P818UC
Gallium P819 P819C P819UC
Germanium P820 P820C P820UC
Gold P821 P821C P821UC
Hafnium P822 P822C P822UC
Holmium P823 P823C P823UC
Indium P824 P824C P824UC
Iridium P825 P825C P825UC
Iron P826 P826C P826UC
Lanthanum P827 P827C P827UC
Lead P828 P828C P828UC
Lithium P829 P829C P829UC
Lutetium P830 P830C P830UC
Magnesium P831 P831C P831UC
Manganese P832 P832C P832UC
Mercury P833 P833C P833UC
Molybdenum P834 P834C P834UC
Neodymium P835 P835C P835UC
Nickel P836 P836C P836UC
Niobium P837 P837C P837UC
Osmium P838 P838C P838UC
Palladium P839 P839C P839UC
Platinum P840 P840C P840UC
Potassium P841 P841C P841UC
Praseodymium P842 P842C P842UC
Rhenium P843 P843C P843UC
Rhodium P844 P844C P844UC
Rubidium P845 P845C P845UC
Ruthenium P846 P846C P846UC
Samarium P847 P847C P847UC
Scandium P848 P848C P848UC
Selenium P849 P849C P849UC
Silicon P850 P850C P850UC
Silver P851 P851C P851UC
Sodium P852 P852C P852UC
Strontium P853 P853C P853UC
Tantalum P854 P854C P854UC
Tellurium P855 P855C P855UC
Terbium P856 P856C P856UC
Thallium P857 P857C P857UC
Thorium P858 P858C P858UC
Thulium P859 P859C P859UC
Tin P860 P860C P860UC
Titanium P861 P861C P861UC
Tungsten P862 P862C P862UC
Uranium P863 P863C P863UC
Vanadium P864 P864C P864UC
Ytterbium P865 P865C P865UC
Yttrium P866 P866C P866UC
Zinc P867 P867C P867UC
Zirconium P868 P868C P868UC
Continuum P869 P869C P869UC
Calcium / Magnesium P870 P870UC
Potassium / Sodium P871 P871UC
Copper / Zinc P872 P872UC
Chromium / Cobalt / Copper / Iron / Manganese / Nickel P873
Phosphorus P874 P874UC
Arsenic [Tubular] P803T
Calcium P809ST
Thorium (Argon Gas Fill) P858A