Visible Lamps


UV-Visible Spectroscopy, Spectrofluorimetry UV detectors attached to HPLC instruments, Colorimetry, Refractometry and as a non-atomic source for background correction in Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy.


A number of configurations are available including different filament voltages, terminal connectors, aperture sizes and brackets to suit many different instruments.

P106 - Tungsten Lamp - Perkin Elmer
P103 - Tungsten Lamp - Unicam UV2
P102 - Tungsten Lamp - GBC Scientific
P101 - Tungsten Lamp - Pharmacia
P104 - Tungsten Lamp - Hitachi
P101 - Tungsten Lamp - Unicam / Amersham
P101 - Tungsten Lamp - Thermo
P108 - Tungsten Lamp - GBC Scientific
P107 - Tungsten Lamp - Unicam