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P809ST - Optogalvanic (See Through Hollow Cathode Lamp HCL) - Calcium


Optogalvanic Lamps or See Through Hollow Cathode Lamps (HCL) are designed to act as a frequency stable reference for high intensity tuneable monochromatic light sources, particularly lasers.

Most of the cathode materials used in standard hollow cathode lamps may be used in the “see-through” design. We can also offer a range of fill gases, such as: Neon, Argon, Xenon and Krypton.

Review Product Voltage Requirements 


To suit all AAS (Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy Instruments)

Pin Type / Connectivity

Two (2) Pin ~ Standard


Primary Wavelength 422.7nm
Alternative Wavelengths 239.9nm


Window material Quartz