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Hollow Cathode Lamps (Multi Element) - P600 Series - Perkin Elmer AAS (50mm)

Photron's P600 / P6 Multi Element (50mm or 2” Diameter) series is designed for direct use in AAS systems manufactured by Perkin Elmer such as PinAAcle 500, 900, AAnalyst 200, 400 100, 300, 600, 700 and 800.

Hollow cathode lamps produced by Photron are designed and manufactured to achieve all of the following fundamental requirements for a spectral line source.

  • Intense emission of resonance (ground state derived) lines.
  • Narrow line width, for maximum sensitivity and linearity.
  • Minimal spectral interference from continuum emission, present in the cathode.
  • Rapid warm up to produce stable long term light emission.
  • Noise free operation.
  • Long running life and a 5 year shelf life.
  • Cathode materials and geometry achieve a combination of spectral purity and a suitable sputtering rate. (A high sputtering rate will give high intensity at the expense of lamp life, sensitivity and linearity).